Herbs and Oils: a comparison: The strengths and weaknesses of herbs and essential oils

Herbs have been used in worldwide healing traditions for thousands of years. The term herbs – pronounced “erbs” in most of North America but “herbs” (with the H) in other areas, including England – properly refers to non-woody (“herbaceous”) plants that die down to the ground after flowering. In common usage, however, you’ll hear the name herb applied to any plant or plant product that can be used in cooking, healing, or other uses.

Most of the herbs we use and recognize – oregano, thyme, sage, basil, marjoram, lavender – are of a particular type of plant: small, green, leafy, and members of the mint family. Plants in the mint family have square stems, strong fragrances, and are rich in the chemical constituents that the human body can use to repair and heal itself – the same chemical components that, when properly extracted, make up an essential oil.

Herbs can be invaluable when used fresh or dried; in poultices; taken internally in capsules, tinctures or teas; or for bathing and external use. However, those of you who are familiar with other of my writings won’t be surprised when I warn you about the downside of commercially available herbs that are being grown and sold today.

A lot of herbs used in supplements and other wellness products are grown with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The drying process for most herbs, unless you do it yourself, can rob them of whatever medicinal value they may have. Finally, most herbs are packaged and may sit on shelves in their little plastic bottles for years before we buy them…

…All of which means that unless we’re harvesting for ourselves or we know a supplier directly, we would do well to check out the herbs that we’re using very thoroughly, or risk poor quality or even useless supplies. This is the reason that so many people are skeptical of herbal medicine – because the herbs they’ve tried really haven’t done much for them. Of course chemical-laden, irradiated, desiccated, dried herbs aren’t working!

The drying process is the reason that essential oils are often superior to dried herbs

It takes a large mass of fresh herbs to get much value from them, because fresh herbs (like raw vegetables, or any living plant) are made up mostly of water. In order to concentrate the nutrients and the active chemicals in the herbs, they are dried for medicinal use. In the process, the most volatile chemical elements in the plant evaporate off with the water and are lost. These are the chemicals that we regain, in concentrated form, when we turn to an essential oil in the place of a dried herb.

Miley Cyrus’ Tattoos are Proof to Her Bigger than Life Persona

Miley Cyrus has always been free-spirited. She does whatever she wants and couldn’t care less about what other people have to say. Miley Cyrus’ tattoos are a proof to that. She has tattoos all over her body. They all have significant meanings to her and she just wants to express herself in whatever way she possibly could. Sometimes, she does things over the top, but her ability to capture attention is always admirable.

The “Just Breathe” tattoo below her chest was the first even tattoo she had when she was only 17 years old. Considering how pretty liberal his father is when it comes to tattooing, there’s no wonder why she had one at that age.

She had the word LOVE tattooed on her ear. According to her, whatever crap people throw at her, she only hears love.

Although Miley has tattoo on every finger, the small heart on her pinky finger was the most outstanding. Every adult in their family has a similar tattoo.

Dreamcatcher is meant for protection according to Native Indian beliefs. As part Cherokee, Miley decided to get one for a tattoo.

She got the anchor tattoo in Brazil in 2011 to remind her that she always has a safe place to return to and to keep her feet on the ground.

This tattoo on her left arm couldn’t be any more literal. The small letters were inked on her biceps.

This Theodore Roosevelt quote is pretty long. It was part of his speech in 1910 in Paris. It is quite unusual seeing a tattoo with this much words, but Miley went for it.

The crossed arrow is a Native Indian symbol for friendship. It seems like she has taken a lot of inspirations from her roots.

After landing on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, she got these tattoos on the sole of her feet. They are quite unusual locations for a tattoo.

She got her grandma’s face as a tattoo as a tribute to her. She said that she has always been her favorite.

Wendy Williams’ Wedding Ring Will Make You Drool in Envy

Wendy Williams is obviously a larger than life character. She has been very vocal about her dislike about things and people on her show. She has also been under fire several times for her controversial comments. You can say anything you want about her, but you can never say that Wendy Williams’ wedding ring is ugly. The ring is really huge and she has always been proud wearing it in public.

A larger than life celebrity like Wendy Williams deserves only the best. Her sparkling diamond wedding ring is definitely something that fits her.

She has shown her wedding ring with pride in several red carpet appearances. She definitely wants to let the world know she is one lucky girl.

Wendy Williams is married to Kevin Hunter who happens to not just be her husband, but also her manager.

Wendy Williams loves everything that sparkles and shines. She is a controversial host, but she never backs down.

If you have a wedding ring as bright and as large as that of Wendy, you would be proud wearing it all the time.

Wendy has released several controversial statements in the past, but she remains a popular host. If anything, people love her for her frankness and telling it like it is.

If you marry someone like Wendy Williams, a small ring with very minimal carat wouldn’t cut it. You need something big.

There was never a time when Wendy decided to just keep her wedding ring and not place it on her fingers for the whole world to see.

There were several rumors indicating that the couple had a rough time in their relationship. Nevertheless, Wendy can easily keep the ring.

Say what you want about Wendy as hot, but she is the type of woman who knows what she wants and gets it.

Lithosphere Facts – Its Importance

It is known as a fact that the earth is made up of various layers. This ranges from its mantle and all of these work and fit perfectly. Basically, they need each other to work harmoniously and to perform their expected function. As for this, the lithosphere comes to the scene. This layer is thin and solid. This is made up of the upper mantle and the crust. In short, lithosphere is composed of solid rocks. This is why it has been the outer layer or surface of the Earth. The same is also true with it having magma. This is the hot liquid found in the center of the Earth. These are just among the various Lithosphere facts.


The crust of the Earth is comprised of almost three kinds of rocks. These are the sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock. Basically, igneous rock is utilized after the cracks opened on Earth. These are the fissures. This is the time when a volcano suddenly erupted and it releases magma. When such magma has been superheated once in its liquid form, it would erupt in the volcano. This is the so called lava.

structure-and-composition-of-lithosphere-8-638.jpg (638×479)

Its constant and regular eroding may be caused by various weathering agents such as water, wind and ice. All of these create sedimentary rocks. There are smaller pieces of rock break though. These would be off from the large pieces and most of the time, these turn to gravel, pebbles, sand and even clay. These little pieces of the mentioned rock has the ability to travel down the streams. They may also do this on most rivers. They will do this prior to them settling in place and forming solid pieces. This process is not a joke because it would really take a serious number of years in order for such to happen.

Rocks are not permanent. They change once in a while. This may transpire if there is extreme heat for instance. The same may also be observed if there is chemical reactions and pressure involved. These would all be found on the core of the Earth which will be termed as the metamorphic rock. The change is dubbed to occur when it is 7.4 miles down to 9, 94 miles. This is just beneath the surface of the earth. This may also be observed with 212 degrees Fahrenheit down to that of 1,472. For whatever it is, it can be assured that the rock will change. This is true for metamorphic rock.

The lithosphere would not be completed without magma as well. It is an important part of it. As a matter of fact, magma will always be responsible in the renewal of the surface of the Earth. This is also the idea for its appearance over time. Since the rocks are changing, the new lava will flow. This will form the land. The Earth will only be the one to refresh itself later on. This will happen on a daily basis. This is why it has been the way it is. There are still other interesting facts about lithosphere.

Cottage Cheese Nutrition Facts – Advantages

Cottage cheese will always be perceived as a staple in a tenfold of bodybuilding and weight-loss diets. However, many should not fail to welcome such in the midst of their meal plan. This can be beneficial and advantageous for the whole system. Little do people know that every cup of its serving provides almost one-third of the daily dairy requirement that is needed by the body. This was a report undertaken by the U.S Department of Agriculture’s website called ChooseMyPlate.  This is just among the many Cottage Chesse nutrition facts that you owe to know, most especially if you are really planning to live healthy.

Needless to say, the cheese is coupled with vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.  These can all provide energy which is pretty promising. Just imagine taking in a full-fat of it. Most likely, it will come with 220 calories. If converted, this is 11 percent of the person’s daily intake. The standard for the diet is 2,000 calorie. This is also true for the low-fat cottage cheese. This is composed of 2 percent milk. This also goes with 194 calories. This happens for every cup. The major difference in here is that the calories are always in their sort of variation. This is the idea as far as the fat content is concerned. Both of the mentioned kinds of cheese have protein in them. There is also a nutrient in the body which can utilize healthy tissue. Regardless, full-fat cottage has the ability to provide almost 25 grams of protein which is meant to be served all the time. This contains 27 grams too.

15_hopscotch_queen_80641183-44f7-4f86-8ae9-6ab64ef6076b.png (1200×900)


When it comes to eating cottage cheese, boosting the intake of selenium and calcium is waiting. A single serving of this can be either full-fat or even that of low-fat cottage. This has calcium too. This is perceived to be a crucial and important component of tissues to be healthy. This is also a way to get enough calcium for the diet itself. This will definitely help the heart. The same is also true for nerve function and muscles. There is 187 milligrams of calcium which may be contained by full-fat cottage. As for the low-fat cottage, it may have 206 milligrams of the mentioned. This has to be checked on all the time.

It is ideal to snack on cottage cheese because this will give beneficial vitamins to the body. This is the assurance. Basically, it is packed with a pretty good amount of vitamin A. This is a sort of nutrient required by the body because it will definitely support the growth and even maintenance of the whole cell. This is also healthy for the eyes. Aside from this, full-fat cottage may also help the body respond to stress. This can also be a solid support to the functions of the brain. If there is a drawback with it though, it may only be about the fact that the cheese is loaded with a great peck of sodium. These can be really harmful most especially if they are in large amounts.

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder: How to Recognize the Signs of ADD, ADHD in Children, Adult

In order to obtain a proper diagnosis of ADD, a medical doctor needs to perform a series of tests that will rule out other possible diseases that may mimic ADD. Recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of ADD can help people take the first step toward receiving treatment for attention deficit disorder.

According to Dr. David B. Sudderth, the symptoms of ADD are present in children before the age of seven. If adult ADD is suspected, a complete childhood history can help determine if the symptoms existed in the patient as a young child. If ADD is suspected in a child, the parent can provide the necessary details to the physician to help start the process of testing and treatment.

The following symptoms of ADD are noted in the young child, or in the childhood history of the ADD adult:

Inattentive: The Inability to Pay Attention is One Possible Symptom

Inattention is one of the two criteria that should be present in a child, starting before the age of seven, to help determine if the patient may suffer from attention deficit disorder. Dr. Sudderth explains that if six of the following symptoms have been present for a time period that lasts longer than six months at a time, the patient may be suffering from ADD:

  • Careless mistakes or the failure to pay close attention in work situations, such as school
  • Difficulty paying attention to tasks or play activities
  • Failure to listen when being talked to
  • Inability to complete schoolwork, chores, etc., or follow instructions
  • Lack of ability to organize tasks efficiently
  • Avoidance of mental activities and tasks that are disliked
  • Habit of losing objects required to perform important tasks
  • Easy distraction by irrelevant stimuli
  • Forgetfulness in everyday activities

adhd-add-e1423620466185.jpg (2702×1324)

Hyperactivity or Impulsivity are Possible Symptoms of ADD

To warrant further investigation of ADD, patients must exhibit symptoms from the above checklist of “inattention” or symptoms from the following list of “hyperactivity-impulsivity.” Dr. Sudderth gives a checklist of “hyperactivity-impulsivity” symptoms to be conscious of, and explains that four of the following symptoms that have persisted for more than six months at one time will qualify under this section:



  • Regular fidgeting of the hands or feet or inability to sit still
  • Inability to remain in one’s seat, for example in a classroom, when sitting in one place is expected
  • Feelings of restlessness or inappropriate running around or climbing
  • Difficulty participating in leisure activities


  • Difficulty remaining in a line patiently, or waiting one’s turn when necessary, such as during a game
  • Blurting out the answer to a question before it has been completed

Other Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

If the patient’s childhood symptoms fall into one of the two categories above, then other symptoms can be assessed. Attention deficit disorder tends to disrupt at least two facets of an individual’s life, such as work, school or home, and has a significant debilitating effect in those areas. It is important that other underlying mental or personality disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or schizophrenia, are not occurring simultaneously with these symptoms, as that may be caused by other underlying factors.

Importance of Recognizing Symptoms of ADD

The sooner that ADD symptoms are recognized, the sooner further testing can be completed by a qualified medical doctor. If any of the above symptoms are noted in a child or in the history of a potential ADD patient, a physician should be contacted in order to begin the next steps in treatment. Proper diagnosing and treatment of ADD can lead to a more fulfilling and productive life for those who are suffering.