Wendy Williams’ Wedding Ring Will Make You Drool in Envy

Wendy Williams is obviously a larger than life character. She has been very vocal about her dislike about things and people on her show. She has also been under fire several times for her controversial comments. You can say anything you want about her, but you can never say that Wendy Williams’ wedding ring is ugly. The ring is really huge and she has always been proud wearing it in public.

A larger than life celebrity like Wendy Williams deserves only the best. Her sparkling diamond wedding ring is definitely something that fits her.

She has shown her wedding ring with pride in several red carpet appearances. She definitely wants to let the world know she is one lucky girl.

Wendy Williams is married to Kevin Hunter who happens to not just be her husband, but also her manager.

Wendy Williams loves everything that sparkles and shines. She is a controversial host, but she never backs down.

If you have a wedding ring as bright and as large as that of Wendy, you would be proud wearing it all the time.

Wendy has released several controversial statements in the past, but she remains a popular host. If anything, people love her for her frankness and telling it like it is.

If you marry someone like Wendy Williams, a small ring with very minimal carat wouldn’t cut it. You need something big.

There was never a time when Wendy decided to just keep her wedding ring and not place it on her fingers for the whole world to see.

There were several rumors indicating that the couple had a rough time in their relationship. Nevertheless, Wendy can easily keep the ring.

Say what you want about Wendy as hot, but she is the type of woman who knows what she wants and gets it.